"Life" of milk teeth

"Life" of milk teeth:
- Tool 6-7 years
- Fangs 11-12 years
- First molar 7-8 years
- Second molar 9-10 years

Reasons should be temporary teeth
- Maintaining chewing and speech functions
- Saving face aesthetics
- Prevention of parafunktsiy tongue
- Maintaining somatic health
- Prevention of adverse psychological consequences of loss of teeth
- The need to save space in the tooth number for future permanent teeth

Implications of premature loss of milk teeth (by Clifton O. Dummett)
- Shortened length of denture
- Lack of space for permanent teeth prorizuvannya
- Ectopic prorizuvannya permanent teeth and seal denture
- Medial inclination constant Molyara, located next to the lost milk
- Extrusion opposite permanent teeth
- Displacement of the middle line, with the possibility of cross-bite
- The development of abnormal tongue