Individual cleaning teeth

Чищення зубів Чищення зубів

Чищення зубів Чищення зубів

Standard method

Chewing surface of the upper and lower teeth clean sweeping movements of the right-left.

Tooth row conditionally divided into several segments: molar, bicuspid, and the front teeth with each sides. Cleaning teeth with closed dental arch. Brush placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the surface of the teeth .start to clean with vestibular (buccal) surface of the upper jaw on the left, through brush 10 movements of top-down (from gum), and then transferred to the following segments.

Then clean the surface of the upper palate teeth, moving segment from left to right side, making each segment of 10 movements. The lower jaw teeth cleaned at your same sequence.

When cleansing palate and tongue surfaces teeth of upper and lower jaws brush placed perpendicular to the denture in the upper jaw handle down on the bottom

Cleaning ending circular movements of vestibular surface of the gripper teeth, gums and moving brushes right.

Method of Leonard

Toothbrush placed perpendicular to the vertical surface of the teeth, are vertical movements in the direction of gum to tooth crowns. Vestibular surface of tooth cleaning in serried ranks. Chewable surface - movement forward-backward. Method to prevent damage to the gums.

Method Bass

Bristle brushes should be at an angle of 45 degrees to the tooth surface, the edges partially penetrate into the gingival and interdental space. When cleaning make vibrating movements forward-backward . Method Fonesa In serried rows of bristle tooth brushes, placed pripendicualre to the vestibular surfaces of teeth, make circular movements. Toungue and the chewing surfaces clean at the same movements closed tooth.

Метод Фонеса

При зімкнених зубних рядах щетинками щітки, розміщеними перепендикулярно до вестибулярної поверхні зубів, здійснюють кругові рухи. Язикові та жувальні поверхні очищають тими ж рухами при незімкнених зубних рядах.

The method of rotation brushes

Bristle brushes are placed on the mucous membrane gums. Turning movements to brush promote tooth crowns. These movements repeated 10-12 times in each of the segments of dentition.

The method of rank

Bristle tooth establish parallel axis-free ends, they should be adjacent to gummy edges. cleaning exercise sliding movements forward and back.

The method of Smith-Bell

Movement repeated brushes tight moving food during chewing. Brush placed perpendicular to the chewing surface and in this position with a weak press and rotation toward the gums.

Method Charter

Used for cleaning teeth, and massages gums. Toothbrush set so bristle placed angle 45 degrees to gumm. Tip setae placed on the cutting edge of tooth. Not removing setae, keeping their obliqueness, are soft and vibrating circular movements, in which bristle penetrate into the interdental spaces...

Method Shtilman

Toothbrush placed so that the end of setae located partly on the gums and partly in section near tooth neck. Click on gum an end to the apparent gum by brushing weak vibrating rotating movements. Movement to restore the suspended circulation in the gums. Similarly clear tongue surface. Chewing surfaces clean bristle, aimed perpendicular to occlusal (chewing) surface.

The most common mistakes in cleaning your teeth:

1. Only horizontal movements in cleaning all surfaces of teeth.
2. Cleaning only the vestibular surfaces of teeth.
3. Fewer movements during cleaning.
4. Termination of cleaning teeth when bloody gum (remember - the emergence bloody usually - reason of dental plaque).