Services - Dental clinic "МЕDICI"

The stomatological clinic of “MEDICI” offers complex solution of problems, related to the state of teeth and oral cavity. Due to the command of highly skilled specialists we are ready to offer to you the complete spectrum of stomatological services.

Purpose of our labour – made you healthy,
and process of treatment – painless and comfort.

Our task – to liquidate reasons and consequences of problems of Your oral cavity.

Therapeutic stomatology

- prophylaxis and treatment of caries and his complications (pulpitis, periodontitis)
- filling of cavities by modern materials from the known world producers ( GC, 3m of ESPE, KERR, VOCO, DENTSPLAY).
- Endodontic treatment of the root ductings of tooth with next obturation of siller and filler with the use of the newest technologies in the sphere of endodontist
- Aesthetically beautiful restoration of any degree of complication
- Treatment of uncarious defeats of teeth (hypoplasia of enamel, fluorosis, erosion of enamel, wedge-shaped defects, and other)
- Treatment of patients with the diseases of mucus shell of oral cavity ( stomatitis of different genesis, kheylitis et cetera)
- Grant of the first stomatological aid
- Establishment of «swarovsky stone» (scice) is on the surface of teeth.


- removal of dental deposits by ultrasonic or piezoelectric scaller and with the use of Gracy Curets
- the surgical( gigivotomiya, gingivoektomiya, patchwork operations...), orthopaedic (splintage, correction of occlusal correlations, and other) and therapeutic (medicinal) treatment paradontium.

Orthopaedic stomatology

- all types of removable and unremovable protesis and mikroprotesis ( insets are from noble metals, ceramics, composite materials; ceramic and composite vinires; nonmetalic crowns on the basis of dioxide of zirconium and dioxide of aluminium, ceramet crowns of different classes – elites, standard and steward, crowns on implantants; root-crowns insets from KKHS and dioxide of zirconium; bugelic protesis with the different method of fixing (klamers, atachments and other) prosthetic appliances from a nylon and plastic)

Surgical stomatology

- painless and non-traumatic exodontia
- operations for saving problemic tooth (resection of apex, gemisection, kistektomiya and other)
- implantation and preparatory operations

Ortodontic stomatology

- All types of modern ortodontic constructions, establishment of the breket-systems (metallic, ceramic, plastic, sapphire and other) with individual approach.

Childs stomatology

- psychological and emotional preparation of child to the visit of cabinet of stomatology
- review and treatment of little patients of any age
- treatment of caries and his complications with next medicinal treatment and filing by materials that does not harm, but help normal development and forming of the second teeth
- «magic» varicoloured child's fillings materials
- little gifts for our little patients
- prophylaxis of stomatological diseases and deformations

Prophylaxis of stomatological diseases

- Professional hygiene of oral cavity with the use of scallers,Grace curets, polishing of surfaces of teeth and roots, with the use of different polishing pastes.
- A removal of plaqe from coffee, tea, cigarettes, by the device of Profifleks (Air-Flow).
- Liquidation of sensitiveness of teeth
- Individual selection of methods and facilities for cleaning of teeth
- Studies of rational individual hygiene of oral cavity