Pulpit - this is inflammation of the tooth pulp, which is the result of penetration of a pathogenic microorganism, characterized by bearing a strong pain, pains of starting temperature and often worse at night.

Reasons pulpitu
Principal - pulpit often occur as complications nelikovanoho zuba.Z caries carious cavity inflammation is performing internal cavity in the tooth pulp roots. Most difficult option - inflammation of tissue located near the top of the root.

However, the pulpit is not always associated with karisom zuba.Analohichni processes in the pulp may occur in case of injured tooth, for example, cracks or chips, or with changes in temperature or the influence of chemical factors (ksloty, meadows).

Симптоми пульпіту

The main symptom is an acute self pulpitu pain that has prystupopodibnyy and often aggravated at night, especially at the lezhachy.Bil nelokalizovanyy may irradiyuvaty in the temple, ear or pharynx, so the patient can not always specify the causal tooth.
In the initial stage more such attacks are short, fast styhayut and appear infrequently, once or twice a week.
As the process becomes more frequent, increasing its duration.