Dental caries

Nothing we is not so easy and not so expensive as smile. Smiling man uses only 17 muscles of the face. If he is sad - has 43 muscles. Smile - a great way to relax and rest, and raise the spirits themselves and others. You probably noticed that a simple sincere smile quietly brings together people. Smile that comes from the heart, is a good and caring. Each time we smile, we gradually improving this world. So why someone does not like to give a smile to others?

Dental caries - enemy of smiles!

Consent, not easy to smile broadly, if you do not believe in health and beauty of their teeth. A major threat to healthy teeth and was left caries. According to the statistics of Dentists Association of Ukraine, the spread of caries among the adult population of Ukraine is over 94%. This disease begins quietly. First, during and after meals on the surface of the teeth forming acid, which dissolves mineral component of enamel (demineralization process). Then appear "white spots" - this is the initial caries. If this process does not stop, the enamel formed hole and the tooth begins to decay. And - farewell smile.
Dental cavities (caries dents) - a pathological process that developing after dentition and characterized by demineralization and destruction of hard tissue of teeth with subsequent formation defect of carious cavities. According to modern views, the development of caries - complex interaction of external and internal factors that provides in microorganisms - saliva - the structure of enamel. Cariesmaking action of microorganisms associated with the formation of dental plaque. It is a conglomerate, which is based micro ¬ organisms, fixed on the polysaccharide stroma.The important role played by factors that determine resistance or susceptibility to dental caries (transferred and related diseases, inadequate nutrition and others.
Established that in adults and children who have suffered acute infectious diseases or chronic illness sick internal organs and systems, especially the often caries teeth.

Caries - an infectious and contagious diseases, which are necessary for the development of such conditions:
- A cariesmaking infection
- A substrate for the life of bacteria - refined carbohydrates
- Presence of teeth and a certain environment, where the growing process