Adult children's dental problems

The formation of teeth in the fetus begins with five weeks. During this period laid rudiments of milk teeth and their resistance to caries. At twelve weeks, it's second phase, characterized by the formation of internal organs and systems. We may also appear on the milk teeth.
For the third phase (fifth month) are the formation of rudiments of permanent teeth, their location in the jaws. The main value of this is genetic information of parents. That is, if they had bad teeth, they predict that the child will be "Hollywood smile" very difficult. Heredity strongly manifested regularly in each generation.
In addition, inadequate maternal nutrition, the disease, micronutrient deficiency, medicine, adverse environmental violations leading to the formation of organs.

The period of childhood is characterized by certain phases - forming roots and change of teeth.
At 6-7 months of life appear first milk teeth. Until then crown of a tooth is formed. The happening in a specific time individually.
At 20-30 months of life (ie at the age of 2-2,5 years) the child must be 20 teeth.
Development of tooth roots and its final formation occurs only after complete growing corona. In the temporary teeth during this period lasts 1,5-2 years.
In five years, the children start growing permanent teeth and roots milk gradually dissolve (resorbtsion). When permanent teeth are growing, it is important that dairy was still in place because they are:

- carrier direction of growth for permanent teeth;
- materials for their construction;
- growth-stimulants;
- a place for permanent teeth, which further reduce the risk of dento-facial anomalies and deformities.

At the reception in the dentist very often, parents are asked whether to treat milk teeth?
They are temporary. Is milk teeth are in the roots? Nerves?
Sure is. And the roots, and nerves.
Neurovascular Body tooth (pulp) in the milk teeth volume is larger than the regular, and wall - thinner. Consequently, milk teeth are destroyed faster and stronger hurt. Therefore they also need care. At least twice a year need review dentist, and if necessary - treatment.
It is important to bring children to the dentist not only when it hurts, because the doctor must establish contact with kids. From the first contact with doctors on further to state their teeth. Stress, that is child's first visit to the dental office, often causes fear of dentistry, which remains for life.

What love smile

Breastfeeding - the gold standard for nutrition and child development. But after six months of age need food system. The children are long fed milk (up to a year or more) observed multiple dental caries.

In the children's food should be limited quantity of carbohydrates should be "insist" on the vegetables - guy. You should not admire potatoes (especially mashed potatoes) and manna porridge: after consumption of such foods should immediately clean the teeth.