Individual cleaning teeth

Чищення зубів Чищення зубів

Чищення зубів Чищення зубів

Standard method

Chewing surface of the upper and lower teeth clean sweeping movements of the right-left.

Tooth row conditionally divided into several segments: molar, bicuspid, and the front teeth with each sides. Cleaning teeth with closed dental arch. Brush placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the surface of the teeth .start to clean with vestibular (buccal) surface of the upper jaw on the left, through brush 10 movements of top-down (from gum), and then transferred to the following segments.

Then clean the surface of the upper palate teeth, moving segment from left to right side, making each segment of 10 movements. The lower jaw teeth cleaned at your same sequence.

When cleansing palate and tongue surfaces teeth of upper and lower jaws brush placed perpendicular to the denture in the upper jaw handle down on the bottom

Cleaning ending circular movements of vestibular surface of the gripper teeth, gums and moving brushes right.


Airtight of fissures

For prophylactic of caries for healthy teeth you have to make airtight of fissures.



Adult children's dental problems

The formation of teeth in the fetus begins with five weeks. During this period laid rudiments of milk teeth and their resistance to caries. At twelve weeks, it's second phase, characterized by the formation of internal organs and systems. We may also appear on the milk teeth.
For the third phase (fifth month) are the formation of rudiments of permanent teeth, their location in the jaws. The main value of this is genetic information of parents. That is, if they had bad teeth, they predict that the child will be "Hollywood smile" very difficult. Heredity strongly manifested regularly in each generation.
In addition, inadequate maternal nutrition, the disease, micronutrient deficiency, medicine, adverse environmental violations leading to the formation of organs.


For the safety of oral care used toothbrushes

For the safety of oral care used toothbrushes, paste, powder, elixir, toothpicks and dental floss.


Dental caries

Nothing we is not so easy and not so expensive as smile. Smiling man uses only 17 muscles of the face. If he is sad - has 43 muscles. Smile - a great way to relax and rest, and raise the spirits themselves and others. You probably noticed that a simple sincere smile quietly brings together people. Smile that comes from the heart, is a good and caring. Each time we smile, we gradually improving this world. So why someone does not like to give a smile to others?


Professional Care

Our doctors will give you recommendation considering individual features state of the oral cavity, the right choice of means and methods for oral care at home. Professional cleaning should be held regularly, at least 1 in every 6 months, even if you have no problems in the oral cavity. Hygiene includes scaling and earflow.



Pulpit - this is inflammation of the tooth pulp, which is the result of penetration of a pathogenic microorganism, characterized by bearing a strong pain, pains of starting temperature and often worse at night.

Reasons pulpitu
Principal - pulpit often occur as complications nelikovanoho zuba.Z caries carious cavity inflammation is performing internal cavity in the tooth pulp roots. Most difficult option - inflammation of tissue located near the top of the root.

However, the pulpit is not always associated with karisom zuba.Analohichni processes in the pulp may occur in case of injured tooth, for example, cracks or chips, or with changes in temperature or the influence of chemical factors (ksloty, meadows).


"Life" of milk teeth

"Life" of milk teeth:
- Tool 6-7 years
- Fangs 11-12 years
- First molar 7-8 years
- Second molar 9-10 years

Reasons should be temporary teeth
- Maintaining chewing and speech functions
- Saving face aesthetics
- Prevention of parafunktsiy tongue
- Maintaining somatic health
- Prevention of adverse psychological consequences of loss of teeth
- The need to save space in the tooth number for future permanent teeth