Health and beauty our patients, the main purpose of the “Medici. " High-tech equipment in the capable hands combined with a warm, friendly staff.
The high level clinic in order to provide the full spectrum of dental services: therapy and parodontology, orthopedics, orthodontics, surgery and implantology, children's dentistry.

Coming to us the patient receives a comprehensive consultation of the doctor-dentist, which shows the existing problems, calculates the duration and cost of prodtsedur. Are several possible options for improvement, after which the patient selects the appropriate treatment plan for him at any convenient time.



Dental Clinic "Medisi" - a team of skilled and honest professionals, ready to solve the most complex tasks. All our doctors have advanced technology of treatment and prevention of diseases of teeth and gums. Certificates of participation in the additional post-graduate education in various areas of dentists podverzhdayut the willingness of staff to keep abreast with modern trends in medicine. In sotave our team-teachers of the Faculty of Dentistry LNMU. Clinic "Medisi" is the base of the Lviv National Medical University D. Galicki for postgraduate education of young doctors.

  • stanislav_khvalynStanislav Hvalyn, doctor
  • maryan_tsisinskyMarian Tsisinskyy, doctor
  • oksana_tsisinskaOksana Tsisinska, doctor
  • olena_pshenychkaElena Pshenychka, doctor
  • taras_chalyiTaras Chaly, doctor
  • yuri_pshenychkaYuri Pshenychka, doctor
  • tetiana_samoilichTetiana Samoylich, administrator
  • natalia_koziarskaNatalia Kozyarska, assistant
  • natalia_matushevskaNatalia Matushevska, assistant